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Kathrin's and Matthew's pitch with The Bridge

Our seamless experience
pitching our Amazon business with The Bridge.

“As this was our first exit, we were nervous around pricing, terms and choosing the right Aggregator for our Amazon business. Having The Bridge on our side, gave us confidence.  We prepared our pitch with the support of The Bridge and presented it to all potential Buyer at once. We received all proposal within 2 days, had personal meetings with several Aggregators  and signed the Term Sheet with our preferred one. Pricing, Terms and Process were far beyond our expectations. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”

Overview of some leading Aggregator

Pitch your business to the world's leading Aggregator.

More than $ 15 BN have been raised by Aggregator all around the world to acquire Amazon businesses. There are more than 60 Aggregator and many more institutional investors that want to acquire your business. With The Bridge you’ll be presenting your business to several world’s leading Aggregator and other investment firms at once. Afterwards they will then pitch their proposal to you. This competitive approach ensures the highest possible exit price and best terms.

Exit your business within 72 hours
and make the most of your Exit.


Prepare Pitch

With our help you'll prepare the perfect pitch presentation that puts your business in the right light.


Pitch your business

You'll pitch your business within 10 min. to the worlds leading Aggregator - all at once followed by a Q&A session. Thats a joyful experience.


Review Proposals

Aggregators will analyse your business and provide a proposal within 72 hours. You'll be holding meetings with your Aggregators of choice to build trust.


Sign Term Sheet

You'll negotiate the best terms with our support and sign the Term-Sheet with your preferred Aggregator at the best possible price & terms.

The structure and the highly competitive pitch situation of The Bridge ensures the best deal terms.

With The Bridge you achieve the highest possible Exit Price.

Maximum Advantages

Get the highest possible Exit-Price, fast closing and special conditions.

Due to the innovative digital pitch format, the competitive situation amongst Aggregators, the compressed timeline, the perfect preparation and our Expert support, pitching your Business with The Bridge outperforms any other way of selling an Amazon business.

Higher Exit Price (Multiple)


Business sold via The Bridge


Reduction of Time to Exit


Higher Exit Price

Due to the competitive approach and our knowledge of the value driver of your Business, you’ll achieve an up to 60% higher price (i.e. 1,6 M. vs. 1,0 M.).

Guaranteed Success

98% of the Sellers that pitched their Business with The Bridge received several proposals, signed a term-sheet and sold their business. 

Better Conditions

Sellers that Pitch with Bridge achieve much better conditions around the earn-out, non-compete, stability payment and other levers.

Expert Advise

The exit price for two businesses with the same EBITDA can differ up to 300%. We know the value driver of each business and what a specific business is really worth; thats a major advantage in preparing and negotiating your deal.

We are proud that we've helped some of the most successful Seller to exit their business.

Snapshot of Exits in the US and Europe
with The Bridge

"We have accompanied more than 100 transactions of Amazon Businesses. We speak the Sellers language, understand what makes a valuable Amazon business, know how Aggregators work and what they are willing to pay."