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+US$ 15 BN has been raised by +60 Aggregator
to acquire your Amazon Business.

More than $ 10 BN have been raised by Aggregator all around the world to acquire Amazon businesses. There are more than 60 Aggregator with proven funding and many more institutional investors that want to acquire your business. With The Bridge you’ll be presenting your business to several world’s leading Aggregator and other investment firms at once. Afterwards they will then pitch their proposal to you. This competitive approach ensures the highest possible exit price and best terms.

Want to know insights about the Market Player?

-Who is still acquiring?
-What is their performance track-record?
-How reliable are they on term-sheets and earn-outs?

Last Updated June 2022

List of Aggregator with country of origin,
year of foundation and capital raised

AggregatorCityCountryFounded inTotal Fuding AmountLatest Fuding Round
ThrasioBostonUnited States2018 $3,396,500,000Oct. 2021
BBGBerlinGermany2005 $1,342,000,000Nov. 2021
Razor GroupBerlinGermany2020 $984,760,000Jun 2022
PerchBostonUnited States2019 $908,800,000May 2021
HeydaySan FranciscoUnited States2019 $800,000,000Nov. 2021
SellerXBerlinGermany2020 $765,680,000Oct. 2021
Elevate BrandsNew YorkUnited States2017 $590,000,000Mar 2022
DragonflyBostonUnited States2019 $500,000,000Mar. 2022
GrowveSt. PetersburgUnited States2006 $400,000,000Jan. 2022
MeramaMexico CityMexico2020 $385,000,000Dec. 2021
Boosted CommerceLos AngelesUnited States2020 $380,000,000Jun. 2021
Benitago GroupNew YorkUnited States2016 $380,000,000Nov. 2021
UnybrandsMiamiUnited States2020 $325,000,000Jul. 2021
Global BeesNew DelhiIndia2021 $290,000,000Dec. 2021
HeroesLondonUnited Kingdom2020 $265,000,000Aug. 2021
Mensa BrandsBangaloreIndia2021 $218,000,000Nov. 2021
Society BrandsCanton, OhioUnited States2020 $204,000,000Mar. 2022
Moonshot BrandsOaklandUnited States2022 $180,000,000Mar. 2022
Accel ClubAmsterdamNetherlands2021 $170,000,000Nov. 2021
Olsam GroupLondonUnited Kingdom2020 $165,000,000Sep. 2021
AcqucoNew YorkUnited States2020 $160,000,000Mai 2021
ValoreoMexico CityMexico2020 $160,000,000Feb. 2022
Cap Hill BrandsSeattleUnited States2020 $150,000,000Jan. 2021
BrandedParisFrance2020 $150,000,000Feb. 2021
Nebula BrandsBeijingChina2021 $150,000,000Dec. 2021
Suma BrandsMinneapolisUnited States2020 $150,000,000Aug. 2021
Foundry BrandsAustinUnited States2021 $127,000,000Jul. 2022
Forum BrandsNew YorkUnited States2020 $127,000,000Sep. 2021
D1 BrandsNew YorkUnited States2020 $123,000,000Aug. 2021
Intrinsic BrandsNew YorkUnited States2021 $115,000,000Jun. 2021
The Stryze GroupBerlinGermany2020 $100,000,000Mai 2021
Neso BrandsSingaporeSingapore2022 $100,000,000Mai. 2022
RainforestSingaporeSingaporen/a $100,000,000*Jun. 2022
G.O.A.T Brand LabsBangaloreIndia2021 $86,000,000Jun. 2022
YabaBarcelonaSpain2020 $85,000,000Mar. 2022
DwarfsAmsterdamNetherlands2021 $81,000,000Sep. 2021
OpontiaDubaiUAE2021 $64,000,000Dec. 2021
GravitiqLondonUnited Kingdom2021 $55,000,000Nov. 2021
Una BrandsSingaporeSingapore2020 $55,000,000Nov. 2021
Profound CommerceAustinUnited States2019 $53,000,000Oct. 2021
eBrandsHelsinkiFinland2020 $50,000,000Mai 2022
Wholesum BrandsSeoulSouth Korea2021 $75,000,000Apr. 2022
Win Brands GroupNew YorkUnited States2017 $90,000,000Feb. 2022
Ecommerce BrandsHoustonUnited States2021 $40,000,000Feb. 2022
10clubBangaloreIndia2020 $70,000,000Jun. 2022
UpScalioGurgaonIndia2021 $62,000,000Mar. 2022
Go NorthGöteborgSweden2020 $30,000,000Apr. 2022
Wonder BrandsMexico CityMexico2021 $25,000,000Mar. 2022
RubibrandsIstanbulTurkey2021 $23,000,000Mai. 2022
QuinioMexico CityMexico2020 $20,000,000Aug. 2021
Wonder BrandsMexico CityMexico2020 $20,000,000Aug. 2021
The MothershipLondonUnited Kingdom2020 $16,700,000Mar. 2022
FlummoxBernSwitzerland2020 $13,000,000Mar. 2022
RiograndeMexico CityMexico2021 $12,000,000Mar. 2022
ForestTokyoJapan2021 $8,000,000Nov. 2021
Evenflow BrandsMumbaiIndia2021 $6,000,000Mai 2022
MarkaiSan FranciscoUnited States2021 $4,000,000Nov. 2021
RecontourEnglewoodUnited States2020 $3,900,000Mar. 2021
AlphagreenLondonUnited Kingdom2019 $3,500,000Aug. 2021
Telos BrandsSan FranciscoUnited States2021 $2,100,000Sep. 2021
Highfive BrandsNew YorkUnited States2020 $1,300,000Sep. 2021

With The Bridge you'll find the right Buyer
and make the most of your Exit.


Prepare Pitch

With our help you'll prepare the perfect pitch presentation that puts your business in the right light.


Pitch your business

You'll pitch your business within 10 min. to the worlds leading Aggregator - all at once followed by a Q&A session. Thats a joyful experience.


Review Proposals

Aggregators will analyse your business and provide a proposal within 72 hours. You'll be holding meetings with your Aggregators of choice to build trust.


Sign Term Sheet

You'll negotiate the best terms with our support and sign the Term-Sheet with your preferred Aggregator at the best possible price & terms.