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Deals on Stage

See the hottest Amazon Businesses from the US and Europe pitching live on stage.

Meet some of the smartest and most successful Amazon Seller from all over the world pitching their business on screen. Enjoy to hear the seller stories, see the amazing Amazon businesses they’ve build, ask your questions and place your proposal. Fast, Simple and Efficient.

- Straight to the point -
from Pitch to LOI within 72 hours.


Sellers Pitch & Q&A

Several Seller will be presenting their Amazon business - portfolio, traction, financials to you and others; followed by a Q&A session.


Data Room

After the event, you'll get access to the data room, that holds all relevant information needed to prepare a proposal. Further Q&A possible.


Proposal & Meeting

You'll place your proposal within 72 hours after the pitch. Seller will review all proposals and shortlist those for a personal meeting.


Sign Term Sheet

You'll negotiate the Terms and sign the Term-Sheet with the Seller to start your diligence, close the contract and take over the business.

Sellers Pitching with The Bridge

We take pride in the Seller we curate.

We know which businesses are of high interest for Aggregators and what makes a business a good investment case. All the Sellers that Pitch with Bridge have been carefully selected. In order to ensure high quality leads, Sellers who do not meet our criteria are rejected from participating at The Bridge.

Private Label


Revenue > US$ 1 M. - 50 MN.


Minimum Revenue share from Amazon 80-100%


The hottest deals, ready to sign
just at finger tip

Best Leads

Best Leads

See the best businesses with a Revenue $/€ >1MN (up to $/€ 50 MN) from US, Europe and other Amazon markets pitching their business to you.

Well prepared

Well prepared

In order to enable a fast analysis and a short bid processes all the information that is needed for a bid – i.e. P&L, transaction reports, Questionnaire –  is pre-prepared and ready to access.

Ready to sell

Ready to sell

Seller that Pitch with Bridge have taken the sure decision to sign a Term Sheet, start a diligence and exit their business in the weeks ahead. 

100% Digital

100% Digital

The Bridge is a digital event. It’s easy to access for Aggregator and for Seller from all over the world.  No long flights, no hotels, no marketing material.

Frequently asked questions.

How many Deals will be presented at The Bridge?

The number of the Deals may vary from event to event, however considering the agenda expect to see +/- 10 highly relevant businesses. Depending on your investment strategy 90% – 100% of the businesses pitching will be relevant targets for you as an Aggregator.

Which businesses will be pitching their business at The Bridge?

Only 1) Privat labels 2) that make $/€ > 1 M. in Revenue or > 200 k Ebitda and 3) with a high revenue share on Amazon. Expect to see the best business with a higher average revenue than $/€>1M.

Which information will be provided for proposal?

We know which information you need for your proposal. You’ll get access to all relevant information that enables you to place your proposal with highest confidence. Plus you’ll have the chance to ask questions during the proposal process.

From which Region are the businesses?

The business will be operating on the major Amazon markets globally – with US, Germany and UK as the major markets. We also host special events for Latin America, China and India.

What Amazon share do the businesses have?

Most of the business do have a Revenue share on Amazon of >90%, however if a business is large enough we aim to have minimum 60% Amazon share.

What is FPA (Fair Playing Aggregator)?

Fair Playing Aggregator is the code of conduct of The Bridge that participating Aggregators have to comply with. In summary it says that we aim for 1) An excellent experience for Sellers throughout their exit, 2) Fair competition amongst Aggregators, 3) Fair, Fast and professional closing.

We are Aggregators, but have not been invited to The Bridge. Why?

There are 3 major reasons why an Aggregator have not been invited to our pitch event: 1) The number of Aggregator seats are limited 2) We may have missed out to invite you – in this case, please contact us 3) Aggregator that we’ve seen failing systematically to deliver on term-sheets are excluded from The Bridge.

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