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8-Figure Seller

As an 8-Figure Seller you are amongst the 0.10% most successful Amazon Seller globally.

8-Figure businesses are rare. They usually have a strong and defendable competitive position and other major success driver. Therefore those Businesses are highly valuable to Aggregator, but also to PE Firms and strategic investors. Knowing the success driver and having the right exit strategy will help you to achieve the best possible exit price and terms for your Amazon Business.

To get the most out of selling your business
your Exit needs to be well structured.

Know the value driver of your Amazon Business

Each business is different. The exit price for 2 business that generate the same EBITDA may vary by up to 300%. Knowing the value driver of your Amazon business – such as the competitive position, category trends, unit economics, growth potentials, growth track, defendability, cost reduction potentials – is key to achieve the best exit price and terms.

Take a structured exit approach

Preparing your exit is crucial for your success. You have to know the potential Acquirer, their investment approach and their post acquisition performance. You should have all relevant Aggregator on the table and ensure the shortest possible bidding process for your Amazon business. Never sign a proposal that is valid for only a few days – the only reason for short acceptance periods is to take you off the market within shortest time in order to avoid competition that results in a higher pricing.

Ensure a competitive bidding situation

We have seen many businesses being sold to prices far below their fair market value, because 1) the Sellers spoke only to 1-3 potential Aggregators or to the wrong Aggregators, 2) because they were overwhelmed by the amount offered although it was too low or 3) because the Seller had only a few days to accept the offer. 4) We’ve often seen Sellers accepting an offer because they were overwhelmed by the amount offered although it was too low. Another major reason is no or the wrong negotiation strategy. Having the right and enough Aggregator and other investors on the table and the right exit strategy is crucial to maximise your outcome.

Know your Aggregator inside out

Depending on the deal-structure and your personal preferences you will most probably participate on the future earnings of your Amazon business. Hence, knowing the Aggregators post merger performance track record is crucial – especially since most of the Aggregators established their business only 1-3 years ago. Choosing the wrong partner could miss you millions of Dollars / Euros in earn-out.

Negotiate the best Terms

You are selling your first or maybe second business, while Aggregators have already acquired up to 150 Businesses and are therefore much more experienced in negotiating pricing and terms. In order to achieve the best possible terms and pricing you have to know the value driver of your business and which levers can be negotiated. You also need to know the current state of the Aggregator market, the state of the specific Aggregator and the state of the Amazon environment. Knowing all that makes a strong difference in negotiating the best terms and pricing.


Participate in our Prime 8-Figure exit pitch event - an exclusive event for the most exclusive Amazon Seller and Aggregator globally.

More than $ 15 BN have been raised by >60 Aggregator all around the world to acquire Amazon businesses. For large businesses there are even more options: Privat Equity Firms and Corporates are actively investing in the space. With The Bridge you’ll be presenting your business to the leading Aggregators, PE Firms and other investors at once. They will then pitch their proposal to you. This competitive approach ensures the highest possible exit price and best terms.

Exit your business within 72 hours
and make the most of your Exit.


Prepare Strategy

We will prepare together with you the perfect exit strategy and short presentation highlighting the value driver of your business.


Present your business

You will present your business within 15 min. to the worlds leading Aggregator - all at once. Aggregator will then have the chance to ask their questions.


Review Proposal

Aggregator will analyse your business and provide a proposal within 72 hours. You'll be holding meetings with your Aggregators of choice to build mutual trust.


Sign Term Sheet

We'll help you to negotiate the best terms. You'll then sign the Term-Sheet with your preferred Aggregator at the best possible price & terms.


With The Bridge you achieve the highest possible Exit Price.


Highest possible Exit-Price, fast closing and special conditions

With our Expert advise and due to the format of The Bridge (compressed timeline, competitive situation, focussing on value driver) pitching your Business with The Bridge outperforms any other way of exiting an Amazon business.

Higher Exit Price (Multiple)


Participants sold Business via The Bridge


Reduction of Time to Exit


Higher Exit Price

Due to the competitive approach and our knowledge of the value driver of your Business, you’ll achieve a up to 60% higher exit price for your business (i.e. $/€ 16 M. vs. 10 M.).

High-speed Exit

Usually it takes 4-6 weeks to speak to several Aggregator, receive their proposals and negotiate terms; with The Bridge we’ve reduced that process to 72 hours.

Special Conditions

For 8-Figure Seller  that Pitch with Bridge we’ve negotiated with Aggregators strong terms –  i.e. around earn-out, stability payment and non-compete – for the best possible deal.

Management Advice

Two businesses with the same EBITDA can differ up to 300% in pricing. We know the value driver and the fair value of each business ; 8-Figure Seller get personal support from our Manage-ment in negotiating the best deal.

Profit from our special conditions
for 8-Figure Seller

We are Proud that we've helped some of the most successful 8-Figure Seller Exit their Business.

Snapshot of Exits in the US und Europe with The Bridge

"We have accompanied more than 100 Amazon transactions. We speak the founders language, understand what makes a valuable Amazon business, know how Aggregators work and what they are willing to pay"