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Our Background

With more than 5.000 analysed Businesses and 100 Deals, we have seen first hand the challenges Sellers face during their Exit.

We have been in the Amazon Aggregator market from the very first minute. We’ve reviewed thousands of business, managed transactions of all sizes and learned the dos and don’ts in operations. We’ve developed one of the most stable data driven investment approaches and negotiated complex deals. And we have seen first-hand the challenges that Sellers faced in the exit process. Due to a lack of experience, an unstable exit approach and lack of knowledge about the value driver of their business, Sellers rarely achieved the best possible exit price and terms. They made mistakes that can be avoided with the right preparation, knowledge and approach. That made us build The Bridge.

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Seller Survey

95% of the Seller struggle to navigate through the sales process.

One Seller described the challenges he faced like this: “Being unexperienced in selling my business working with highly experienced Aggregator felt like David vs. Goliath. I was David.”

Almost all owner of Amazon businesses have no experience in selling a business. This leads to major uncertainties around pricing, payment terms and contractual risks. Most seller have major concerns about the Earn-Out component that is based on the operational expertise of the specific Aggregator. For a good reason: while there are Aggregators with strong operational expertise, others lack that experience. Choosing the right / wrong partner can cost or earn additional millions ($/€) in earn-out.

Sellers lack experience selling a business


Concerned about risky Terms


Sellers are unsure about Fair Value of their business


Unsure on Earn-Out, operational Experience of Aggregator



With the Bridge we are providing Amazon Sellers the stage and support to maximise their well deserved outcome for the years of hard work.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a digital pitch event that is designed to achieve the best possible exit for Amazon Sellers:

  • Achieve the highest possible Exit Price

  • Achieve the best Terms

  • Make it a fast, efficient and smooth process

  • Choose the right partner with confidence

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Experts on your side

We know what makes a valuable Business and what they are really worth.

The Bridge provides Sellers the stage and support to achieve the perfect exit. We know the Aggregator business model and Amazon marketplace inside out. Ware always up to date on the state of the Aggregator market, we know all Player, we know how Aggregators evaluate businesses and what makes a specific business valuable to them.

More than 100 Transactions

More than 100 Transactions

We’ve analysed more than 5,000 Amazon leads (+200 D2C) and closed > 100 Deals. We are well respected amongst Sellers and Aggregators for our expertise and the Plattform we provide.

Expert Knowledge

Expert Knowledge

We have been on both sides of the table, hence we know how Aggregator work and what mistakes Seller make. We are experts from valuation, negotiating deal terms, due diligence, post merger integration and operations.

Powerful Approach

Powerful Approach

The approach and the format of The Bridge is unique. Combined with our expert support it is the most powerful and efficient way to exit an Amazon business.

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

We focus on success for all sites. Once a Seller is approved for The Bridge – the success of closing the best possible deal is almost guaranteed.